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Happy Thanksgiving from Our Cabin to Your Crew!

Whether you are a crew of two, four or six, we wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving. To our loyal Cascade Escapes friends and families, we hope your holiday is filled with warm memories and a meaningful celebration with loved ones near and far. We can’t believe the year is wrapping up and it’s already time to think about booking a cabin rental for 2021.

It’s been a strange and unexpected year, but we hope adventure and good times found you even during these trying times. Cascade Escapes is happy to offer a welcome retreat to couples and families looking to book a cabin getaway that promises a break from the stressful happenings around us.

Over the years, our company has grown to see many families share cabin vacations, and it is absolutely the best part of our job to see our guests benefit from our unique vacation rental. Our wonderful families leave happy and return knowing they can count on us for an unforgettable and enjoyable weekend away.

Scenic Cabin Rental for 2021

Knowing that families make such special memories at our scenic cabin rental properties in Cascade, CO brings us a lot of joy, and this is why we’re writing to say–we have a lot of gratitude to all our guests for every single stay to come our way in the last  20+ years.

Colorful Colorado Landscape
Plan your 2021 Colorado Vacation and put Cascade Escapes on your list for lodging! Image: Adobe

We love sharing the beautiful landscapes and histories of Colorado. When we established our cabin rental properties, we did it to share our love of the area, and our love of the history that surrounds us. This holiday season, we are thankful to still be booking vacations and seeing our cabin become part of the treasured memories families will treasure for years to com.

And, as we wrap up another successful year of sharing the Colorado experience, we’re excitedly dreaming about 2021. Think of all the memories waiting be made in these quaint cabins. Proposals, honeymoons, a family’s first trip together, a long overdue quilter’s reunion…

Our cabin has hosted a myriad of memories and we’re proud to offer the very best in the boutique travel industry. Now that 2020 is coming to a close, we’re ready to celebrate with pie and turkey. Let us know how you’re planning to celebrate the holiday, too!

Beat the Hustle: Book Your Cabin Rental for 2021

November is typically a month of holiday hustle and bustle! A lot of moms and family-circus managers out there are crossing off the days until the micro-managing and frantically planning schedules. As if that weren’t enough, 2020 gave us a brand-new Coronavirus—and who could have seen that coming? Now it’s time to reclaim joy and fill your life with a few precious memories. We invite you to check out our cabin rental packages to plan your family’s vacation for 2021.

Your vacation in 2021 doesn’t have to be over-the-top complicated, and it can be the social distancer’s dream. After all this time, we know that the social distancing theme can seem a bit tiresome—but, for better or for worse, we also know it’s the new norm. Luckily, we’ve found ourselves to be pretty great at pivoting during some of the most challenging times.

A Clean & Safe COVID-Conscious Vacation

Let us take care of your vacation with top-notch service, a thorough sanitization of all our properties, and a socially distanced experience that truly lets your family get back to normal for a weekend of carefree family connection. We’ve all spent so long cooped up together, that a change of scenery feels life changing. And, with all the fresh air you could ask for, ‘cooped up’ will no longer be a thought in your mind.

cozy Colorado cabin living area
Zeb’s Cabin, Cascade, CO image by Cascade Escapes

Family Owned & Operated Cabin Rentals

We have to mention that Cascade Escapes is family-owned and operated. We are a property management company in Colorado with over twenty years of experience. 2020 decided to throw us a few curveballs, but our game is still strong. We offer a fully sanitized, personalized cabin getaway experience that comes with a variety of included amenities as well as customizable add-ons to ensure your vacation is stress-free fun.

After all—Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we know filling our homes with family might feel a little strange or uncertain this year. No matter what kind of celebration you plan, Happy Thanksgiving from us! Because Thanksgiving is all about fitting in as much gratitude and family as we can muster—oh, and don’t forget the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado!

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Colorado and all across the country. This is a holiday that has evolved and grown right along with our nation, and we’re glad to be holding the tradition near and dear this year. We celebrate our friends and family and all the blessings of 2020, because there’s always something out there to be thankful for.

As we look ahead to 2021, we’re excited for the possibilities that a new year has to offer. We are holding onto joyful moments and are determined to see more memories made in 2021. It fills us with so much joy to be the place that so many loyal cabin campers return to year after year, season after season, for their vacations, and the memories that come with them. Are you ready for the adventure of a weekend in the woods?

Consider Cabin Life for Vacation 2021

Are you excited to take in the mountain air and commit to a weekend without calendars, just cabin life? Booking a cabin rental for 2021 is one click away and we can’t wait to show you why we are a unique and perfect choice for a Colorado vacation.

Life will always be something—it will be big, it will be busy, it will move fast, and, more than anything else, it will take you by surprise. That’s one of the many reasons that the team here at Cascade Escapes love to be able to offer you a quiet haven to reminisce in the mountains. We take pride in being the place for tall trees and bare knees running through the woods. And we like to think our little cabins are places for keeping time and space free from the hustle and bustle that we’ve all grown so familiar with in this uncertain, uncharted territory that is 2020.

To all our friends and family, near and far, we invite you to mention the code ThankfulTurkey in an email to –we have something special we’d like to offer you when you book your custom cabin getaway package!



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