Cozy Cabin Recipe: Grandma Hazel’s Fudge


The holidays are a little different this year, so we’re offering a tried and true family recipe for a little choco-therapy here on the Cozy Cabin Blog at Cascade Escapes. We know that a warm blanket, a good book, and delicious treats can turn a cold and boring day into a sweet and comfy retreat.

This particular fudge recipe is very close to our heart. It’s a delightfully rich and chocolatey recipe from the family files! This fudge recipe stretches back to our cabin owner’s childhood. Grandma Hazel was an inspiration and cornerstone in the life of Cascade Escapes cabin vacation rental owner, Sandy. Today we are sharing a special part of Grandma Hazel’s legacy through this family recipe with you.

The Fudge Recipe

Grandma Hazel’s Fudge is a unique fudge recipe in that it has marshmallows simmered right into the base. This offers a deliciously rich and creamy layer of sweet flavor that folds into the chocolate for a smooth finish. If you’d like to add some texture and taste, feel free to add some nuts. We like shaved almonds or chopped walnuts–but you can certainly go for macadamia nuts or hazelnuts.

December 2020 might not be the same without bustling schedules and gatherings to celebrate with our families, friends, and communities. However, we hope you’ll find ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home with holiday recipes, family traditions, and a focus on what truly matters for this season of reflection.

The process of making fudge is easy enough. We let the kids try their hand at stirring, pouring, and sorting ingredients. This fudge recipe has a lot of fun tasks–like tearing up jumbo marshmallows!

You can also use tiny marshmallows to simplify that step, but definitely try this unique recipe that incorporates the fluffy white sweet treat. The added velvety quality from the marshmallows deepens the flavor. Because our kiddos aren’t a fan of nuts, we made ours without. But it happened to be national fudge and peanut butter day, so I mixed up a quick peanut butter fudge icing to pour over the top for an extra sweet and delicious layer. I didn’t use a specific recipe, but you can find some good ones around Pinterest, like this one from the Yummy Tummy.

One great thing about a yummy fudge recipe like this: it’s easy to mix in your own ideas and try many flavors and combinations. At the same time, this family fudge recipe is tried and true and simple enough to (almost) be called fool-proof.

The Cozy Cabin Vacation Rentals

When our Colorado cabin rental company was founded a decade ago, the idea of families passing through seemed simple enough. This was a matter of business, and guests coming and going from Cascade Escapes cabin rentals were par for the course. However, as our cabin vacation rental grew, and we met more and more families and couples who booked their Colorado vacation with us, it became a personal investment.

We think of Cascade Escapes as more than just cabin rentals and vacation housing. These cabin rentals are vacation spots where memories are made. Visiting couples and families that stay in our cabin vacation rentals are a connective piece of who we are as a company. Families return year after year as our cozy cabin rentals become an annual vacation tradition.

The Cozy Cabin Experience

Because of this sense of community and commitment to our Cascade Escapes vacationing couples and families–past, present, and future–we want the Cozy Cabin Blog to be more than just information about our cabin rentals. We want to share stories, recipes, and memories with our readers and folks who happen upon our site. We hope that you’ll book your 2020 Holiday getaway with us, and that you’ll find your stay an incredibly unique and joyful retreat.

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Grandma Hazel’s Fudge

Creamy and decadent, stirring fudge to that perfect consistency is so satisfying!

4 C Sugar

10 2/3 oz evaporated milk

20 Large Marshmallows (torn up/equals 1 ½ cups of tiny marshamallows)

3 C Chocolate Chips

½ cup of butter (or shortening)

1 ½ tsp vanilla

Optional: nuts of your choice

In a medium saucepan, add the sugar, evaporated milk and marshmallows. Constantly to incorporate ingredients, then bring to boil and let it sit at a rolling boil for 6 minutes.

Chunk up the butter and place in a medium bowl along with chocolate chips, vanilla and (optional) nuts. Pour the boiling mixture into the bowl and stir together.

Pour the incorporated melted fudge into a greased 13×9 pan and let cool before cutting.

Yields approx. 40 pieces

Our rendition included a peanut butter fudge icing on top of Grandma Hazel’s Fudge recipe. Let us know how your fudge turns out too!






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