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Cabin honeymoon couples make us so incredibly happy! We hope to share more stories like Emily and Damian’s, so please shoot us a message if you’ve stayed with us and would like to be featured on the blog.

Meet Emily and Damian: a sweet couple who chose us for their cabin honeymoon in November 2020. We love featuring guest stories here on the Cozy Cabin blog, and it’s always heartwarming to hear how Cascade Escapes gets to be a part of the romance from time to time.

Cabin Honeymoon in a Pandemic

This sweet couple chose our Colorado cabins because it provided the perfect pandemic solution to honeymooning during COVID-19! Plus, our neck of the woods is an easy driving distance from most parts of the Midwest and West, making us a great stop along the map for adventurers on a road trip. Emily shares, “ We wanted somewhere […] to enjoy our time together without any obligations or anyone else around.”

The new Mr. & Mrs. Cyr standing in front of Ramona Cottage. Image Courtesy of Emily Cyr

The private seclusion of Ramona’s Cottage is perfect for that—but it also has a few neat things to do, too—which was perfect for Emily and Damian, who also hoped for a place that would have a few things to do nearby, but nothing that felt overwhelming or made them feel like they absolutely had to do.

We agree, Emily and Damian, flexible options on what your day will bring is always a plus!

We love getting to know our cabin couples, and Emily was kind enough to share her cabin honeymoon story for a blog feature! It’s always fun to share these cabin honeymoon stories and shine a spotlight on couples and families who stay with us!

Before the Cabin Honeymoon: How they Met

Emily and Damian met just over six years ago during college—and the rest is history. Damian likes to tell the story, she turned me down for our first date, but Emily actually favors the story about how her now-husband proposed.

Emily and Damian chose to honeymoon with us in 2020, and we’re so glad they did! Image courtesy of Emily Cyr

During the hectic times of college life during a pandemic, their time together had been extremely limited and so the strain of distance had been a heavy factor. After a lot of time apart, they finally squeezed in a date together and Emily had a sneaking suspicion Damian would propose. But why do you think that?  Her friend asked, and Emily admitted she honestly had no good reason to suspect he would propose—other than what her heart was telling her.

Their first date after this gap in their time together as a couple was a throwback to the location of their very first date. She felt those nervous flutters of anticipation all through the meal—but still no proposal. Damian asked , “Do you want to go to the top of the world?”

“I actually kind of had to use the restroom,” Emily admits, “but I was hopeful [that he’d propose], so I said sure.”

Hope, Patience, and a Pandemic Wedding

And her hopeful persistence paid off—as the sunset dwindled and the last bit of light gave way to a gentle twilight, Damian proposed. Emily, of course, said yes—and we’re so glad they did!

When couples book their private cabin with us, we take pride in knowing we are the best in the West. Our Colorado cabins offer a private hot tub, a fully-equipped kitchen, and spacious but cozy private quarters that allow couples to stretch out, cuddle up, and let go of life for a quiet getaway.

Adventure in Colorado springs! Wedding trip adventures in 2020. Image Courtesy of Emily Cyr

Nearby dining includes local favorite, Wines of Colorado, and plenty of other fine dining, breweries, and local eateries in downtown Colorado Springs and nearby Woodland Park. Planning a wedding trip or anniversary is easy to do when you’ve got such a scenic and historic spot to explore and enjoy.

Cabin Honeymoon: Perfect Solution for COVID-Times

Emily and Damian found their perfect honeymoon solution for pandemic living—and we are so happy to offer a safe and private option for vacationing during COVID. 

As newly-weds, the sweet couple tells us their couples’ goals include the motto, “live long and prosper.” They hope to travel, raise a family at some point, and enjoy their chosen careers as mechanical engineers while living a life they love together.

Cheers to that!

We wish you both the very best in life ahead, and we hope you’ll travel back to the cottage from time to time.

If you book your cabin getaway with us, opt-in for the Vintage Picnic and you’ll discover our giant, soft homemade cookies. These famous Cascade Escapes cookies are straight from our family recipe files. Since we already shared Grandma Hazel’s fudge recipe, we thought we’d share this recipe too. And if you’re looking for a cabin getaway, well–we’ve got your back on that one, too. Check out our sweet deals on renting a weekend of Cabin Life here!

These cookies are perfect for Santa’s snacks! The recipe yields a lot of cookies, so it won’t be the end of the world if your family eats a few before leaving some out for the big guy. Soft, chewy, delicious cookies like these are a mainstay for the holiday season, so give these a try and see if the recipe becomes a tradition in your kitchen, too.


A Cabin Tradition

When we opened up our cabins for rent twenty years ago, I don’t think we quite knew what the next two decades would have in store. So as we celebrate holiday 2020, we reflect on all the unexpected challenges and silver-linings of a twenty-year adventure. We love being your favorite Colorado innkeepers, and watching our little cabin company grow has been the best blessing we could hope for.

If you book your cabin rental with us in 2021, we’re excited to tell you about new happenings around our cozy cabin properties! We’re rolling out new offerings like the February Educational Explorer Package, and an Easter Egg Hunt option for the months of March and April. We are also planning some fun giveaways for our visitors and our fans and followers on social media.

Many of the classic offerings, like the Vintage Picnic, will be staying on the menu—so check out all the many ways you can customize and personalize your cabin vacation in 2021. Headed to Colorado? Find out what Colorado attractions we recommend in our area, and plan your trip accordingly.


Ramona’s Cottage: Quaint Cabin Getaway

Ramona’s Cottage is our romantic quaint cabin getaway, perfect for a Valentine’s Day weekend or a romantic couples’ retreat. Anniversary celebration or a wedding trip are perfect reasons to book Ramona’s Cottage for a romantic weekend getaway. You can add the Vintage Picnic for a sweet, unique touch to your cabin plans. Hike the short distance to the beautiful waterfall and reconnect over the romantic lunch for two complete with these delicious cookies.

Ramona's Cottage, romantic cabin getaway in Cascade, CO
Ramona’s cottage, a sweet cabin getaway in the Colorado mountains!

If you’re looking for a romantic spot to honeymoon, we recommend Ramona’s Cottage with nearby attractions you’re sure to remember forever. Visit the majestic beauty of the mountainside with scenic hikes, or explore the Cave of the Winds to really experience the wondrous gems of Colorado. Downtown Colorado Springs offers shopping, dining, and more to round out your Colorado stay.

Zeb’s Cabin: The Spot for Adventure

Zeb’s Cabin is the perfect place for families to go glamping! Also perfect for couples looking for a little extra room to spread out and enjoy the cabin life. Relax in the hot tub or lounge in the living room with a beautiful view of the Colorado woodland setting. Just minutes from Pike’s Peak, you’ll be set to hike and explore the beautiful land and close enough to tour the historic district of Colorado Springs.

Cascade Escape's family cabin getaway, cabin rental in Cascade, CO.
Zeb’s Cabin offers a spacious cabin experience that is perfect for couples or a family of four!

If you book your cabin getaway with us in February, you’ll get a special box of educational fun to guide you through Colorado history with some interesting tidbits about our interesting and historical location. If you’re looking for a unique way to plan your vacation, we promise our cabin rentals will add a lot to your vacation plans.

Cabin Life + Cookies 

We are so excited to share a slice of cabin life with you once again here on the blog, and also happy to share another great recipe from the family files. If you’re looking for a great recipe for the holidays, we’re glad you’ve found this one! If you have any questions, be in touch with us by shooting an email over to


We can’t wait to see how your cookies turn out! Take a pic and share with us on social media! Be sure to tag us on Instagram: @cascadeescapes

The Cascade Escapes Family Cookie Recipe

These cookies are a tradition for a reason! Check out our family recipe and be sure to follow our Cabin Life blog for more recipes, deals, and updates on all things Cabin Life!

PreHeat Oven to 375 Bake for 8-10 minutes

Approx. Yield: 3 ½ dozen


1 Stick Blue Bonnet Oleo

1 Stick of Butter

1/3 C shortening

1 C Brown sugar

1 c granulated sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

3 ¼ C flour (AP)

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt (coarse ground sea salt)


In one bowl, sift together the dry ingredients.


In another bowl, mix together the butter and oil with both types of sugars. Add vanilla and then add the eggs. Slowly add the dry mix as you beat together all ingredient.


Add 4 handfuls of chocolate chips to the mix!


Make balls of dough (approx. 1 ½  inch diameter) and space evenly on cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes. Be sure not to over-bake!


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  • Colorado Winter Activity
  • Cripple Creek’s Ice Festival



Focus on the Family is an American Christian conservative organization founded in 1977 by psychologist James Dobson, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wikipedia Photo by: David Shankbone


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