Cabin Blog: Are You Road Trip Ready?


Cabin lodging and comfortably glamping with a cross-country adventure? Planning a sight-seeing extravaganza through the American West? Whatever your adventure may be, a road trip checklist can be helpful for planning all the details, big and small, of your big adventure for summer vacation 2021. 

We’ve decided to kick off Vacation Planning 2021 with a helpful guide to get you started in preparing for your 2021 road trip. Looking for a good route or scenic destination? Of course, we’re partial to Colorful Colorado. After all, our location in Cascade, Colorado offers you scenic photo opportunities with Garden of the Gods, spacious open land, and plenty of sight-seeing attractions. There’s a reason people travel here from around the world!

Road trip happier with our tips for a summer adventure on wheels. Image: Adobe

Before You Go

  1. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape.  A regular tune-up, oil change, and all that maintenance stuff should be done right before you hit the road. I mean, breaking down on the side of the road would be an adventure in itself, but it’s probably not the one that you had planned on. 
  2. Housekeeping. Make a list of all things, big and small, that you need to do to ensure your house is in ideal condition to be left for the duration of your trip. This may mean more than a thorough cleaning and tidy. You’ll want to remember houseplants and electronics, utilities, and other details to make sure you can vacation worry-free about what you left behind. (Did you know you can get ‘cakes’ to put in your fish tank to feed your fish for a few days?)
  3. Pack your bags–and your apps. Pack essentials (and don’t forget the little but important things, like chargers and electronics accessories!), and also be sure you have loaded your phone and devices with all the apps you’ll need for traveling: Google Maps, entertainment apps (with account info), and update your most frequently used apps and info so your mobile devices can be especially helpful while traveling.

While You Roll

  1. Plan your playlists–and podcasts–ahead of time! Maybe have one of your crew be the designated “media person” so there isn’t squabbling over who gets to man the controls. We’ve all been there: you want to listen to anything but The Wiggles–and that’s all the smart list wants to play. Trust us, planning ahead is worth it.  
  2. Plan for the stops and the views, and make a plan for some must-sees. You’d hate to drive past a can’t-miss hidden gem!
  3. Snack smart. While sometimes a road trip makes a great excuse to guzzle a gas station slushy and a bag of chips with some spicy beef jerky on the side–it may not make for the best habit the whole trip! Plan to bring protein bars, water bottles, fruits and veggies to feel your best by the time you reach your destination.
Pack your bags, fine tune the engine, and get rolling this summer! Adventure is out there. Image: Adobe

Once You Get There

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for their recommendations! This is how you’ll find the best places, because Google doesn’t always know about that delicious, hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant that just might change your life. 
  2. Make reservations ahead of time for restaurants, attractions, and events. (Trust us, you don’t want a ticketing conflict to keep you from experiencing the Terror-dactyl at Cave of the Winds!)
  3. Be sure to take a ton of pictures because you’ll have a lot of reasons for looking back and smiling.

Cabin Lodging in Colorado

Finding rustic cabin lodging in the great West is especially neat when you consider all the history you’ll be rooted in as a visitor to our historic state. With breathtaking views, amazing local food, and a culture built on adventure and tenacity, a Colorado vacation is bound to bring excitement and wonder to your explorations.

Families who stay with us at Ramona Cottage or Zeb’s Cabin often comment on the relaxing wooded area that is still somehow so close to so much. There is no roaring traffic–just the soft roar of a waterfall if you take the short hike up a ways. You’ll find no glaring street lamps–just the incredible shine of the moon. You won’t be dealing with packed parking lots or long wait lines. Instead, you’ll find narrow, unpaved roads and quaint shops owned by friendly locals.

Road Trip the West!

So where will your adventure take you? To Yellowstone or Yosemite? The Grand Canyon or Pikes Peak? We’d love to hear from you what your travel plans will be! And if you’re looking for family-friendly or perfectly romantic private cabin lodging, we’re here all year round. Find us on Instagram and tag us in your best vacation photos! If you stay with us, be sure to share your pictures on social and include the hashtag: #cascadeescapes2021

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And we can’t wait to see you at the cabin!


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