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Today’s post is written by local copywriter and owner of Moonphase Creative, with an honest review account of her family’s trip to visit Cascade Escapes, Zeb’s Cabin.

Colorado Mom telling you why you need coffee in a cabin.
I’m Angi, a Colorado mom of 4, and I’m visiting the Cascade Escapes blog today to tell you why this was the perfect family vacation.

The Most Fun in 2020: Zeb’s Cabin Rental

It’s been a challenging year, but the most fun I’ve had in 2020 was our weekend at a cabin rental in Cascade, CO. So I thought I’d share our story so you can plan for a better 2021.

Hi there! I’m Angi, and I’m a Colorado Springs mom living life with four kids, two cats, and a husband. This year has been crazy, and by that I mean: we’ve all been blindsided by a LOT. We’ve survived a pandemic, a global crisis, and all the other things that made 2020 the strangest year we’ll never forget. Our plans to see family in Seattle? Scratched. Our usual summer adventures? Canceled. But then we found out about Zeb’s Cabin, a vacation rental in Cascade, CO.

We jumped at the opportunity to visit this place, and I mindfully committed to breathing in some mountain air and focusing on my family. As a working mom with a lot of hectic happenings, the time to unwind was welcome. A vacation in 2020 seemed almost surreal, but the fresh air was certainly welcome.

With four kids, especially, finding family lodging is a challenge. This is why, we discovered, a cabin rental is the perfect lodging solution for a family of any size. Cascade Escapes has been around a long time–well before AirBNB was even a thing. And for that reason, this cabin rental is the best in the area. Owners Sandy and Bob have been at this cabin rental business for a long time, and it shows in their expert handling of details and customization.

The Coziest Cabin You’ll Find

I’m not even joking when I tell you this is the coziest cabin rental you could ever find–I couldn’t dream up the thoughtful details. This sweet little cabin tucked away in Cascade, CO is tiny yet spacious, and truly feels like home. Adorable rustic decor adds to the country cabin charm.

The Cascade, CO cabin rental is fully equipped with everything you need: even a grill and outdoor dining space!

I committed to relaxation, the kids clamored for the outdoors, and my husband was already pulling on his hiking boots before we even put away our suitcases. We signed on for the Vintage Picnic Lunch Package, and this might be my very favorite part of the weekend getaway. The Vintage Picnic includes an adorable packed lunch to take on a hike to a scenic waterfall, so our very first to-do was get things settled and head out the door for our first adventure.


Vintage Lunch & Scenic Hike

Upon our arrival, Sandy, owner of the Cascade Escapes vacation rentals, presented us with the adorable vintage picnic basket. She gave us directions to a nearby hike that is completely doable for even the smallest members of our crew. It’s a family friendly hike with enough challenge for the kids to feel accomplished when we reached the waterfall and a picnic table.

Everyone gathered around and devoured the croissant sandwiches, fruit, and giant homemade chocolate-chip cookies. It was especially kind and appreciated that Sandy noted our dietary restrictions and made sure everyone was accommodated. My thirteen-year-old is a vegetarian, and she was extremely appreciative of the thick tomato, cheese, and mayo that departed from the usual PBJ people slide her way as a vegetarian option.

Family picnic, family eating lunch with three children and father gathered at a picnic table.
The family friendly hike to a scenic waterfall ends with the perfectly packed Vintage Lunch available with your cabin rental reservation. Much fun, highly recommend!

The waterfall and trees were gorgeous. It smelled like dirt and sunshine, which is probably among my top three favorite scents. The sunlight streaming through the trees and sound of rushing water helped me to let go of all the little things that build up. We took pictures, we laughed, we ran around on the rocks (yes, even me). The youngest of our four is only one–and even she had fun running around the clearing and discovering the wonders of dirt, dust, and rocks.

Cabin Memories: Vacation 2020

The cozy cabin rental was the perfect place to slow down, connect, and really listen to my kids and enjoy our family.

We baked cookies and sat around and listened to my thirteen-year-old daughter play guitar. I hadn’t stopped and listened for a while, so to hear her improvement and talent was this moment of realizing what I’d been missing while running in every direction to juggle all the kids and day to day living. I watched everyone unwind and play, and my husband fixed dinner with the on-site gas grill.

Baking cookies, excited child.
We baked cookies and everyone was pretty excited!\

The cabin is fully equipped with an oven and stove-top, a refrigerator, and a patio gas-grill. This was the perfect home-away-from home to create a cozy evening with our family. Since we really struggled with the idea of taking a vacation during COVID-19, Zeb’s Cabin turned out to be the most perfect solution we could dream up.

Colorado Local, Colorado Proud

We topped our hotdogs with the most delicious sweet onion relish from The Pickle Shack, which is the best hidden Colorado gem! I finished my meal off with a glass of not-too-sweet Moscato purchased from the wine shop just down the street. As Colorado locals, we are always on the lookout for ways to support local businesses. This little corner of Cascade, CO is the perfect place to do just that.

I was so happy to meet Sandy and see how perfectly personalized this vacation rental truly is. Everything is cleaned and sanitized before each new renter, and the whole premise is quaint and tidy. This cabin rental felt personable, warm, and welcoming–which is something I’ve been missing in 2020 especially.

Santa’s Workshop & Fond Farewell

We definitely made good use of our short but sweet weekend in the vacation rental.This cabin full of memories is now a full-on family tradition. We’ll be booking our stay in 2021 and years to follow. After leaving the cabin, we headed to Santa’s Workshop and marveled at the empty theme park (thanks, 2020). We had a train ride all to ourselves, and the kids had fun climbing the giant figurines that are now almost one-hundred years old. A few rides, like the giant slide, were open and we had a quick but fun tour of some true Colorado traditions.

The newest tradition for our family might just be a trip to Colorado’s North Pole after a day of adventure and relaxing night at Zeb’s Cabin in Cascade, CO!

Finally, we bid Cascade farewell and headed home–which is just a quick 30-40 minute drive. It is wonderfully far, but yet perfectly close. We climbed a mountain and home by Sunday to prepare for another week ahead. I highly recommend Zeb’s Cabin as the perfect vacation rental for your own family getaway, and I’ll be telling all my Colorado peeps about this perfect little gem hiding up in the mountains.


The leaves are changing, and the mornings are crisp and chilly–it’s perhaps the most wonderful time of the year! By midday, temps are usually comfortable and pleasant and perfect weather for a tranquil walk or invigorating hike.  Maybe fall has inspired you to head for the hills and extend your camping season over fall break. We know everyone’s tired of the daily grind and wanting an amazing but easy getaway–which is why glamping with Cascade Escape’s Colorado cabin properties is the perfect solution.

Cascade Escapes is a niche vacationer’s dream: this family-owned vacation rental in Cascade, CO is the quintessential escape from everything. Choose from two perfectly situated options: the family-friendly Zeb’s Cabin, or the quaint and cozy Ramona’s Cottage. We invite you to explore the area and breathe in the fresh fall air with a scenic Colorado backdrop.

Family-Owned Colorado Cabins

Ramona’s Cottage is a romantic hideaway, and nearby Zeb’s Cabin is the perfect family vacation rental for a beautiful fall weekend getaway. Check out our interactive calendar on our website to see about booking a cabin for your Colorado vacation. Choose to stay in our reasonably priced lodging that offers a personalized touch of homey and rustic welcome. We aren’t a giant hotel chain, but we have years of experience in the hospitality industry—and that means we know how to ensure our guests have a wonderful, memorable vacation without worry or stress in arranging accommodations and booking your stay with us.

We invite you to come visit either Ramona’s Cottage or Zeb’s Cabin, depending on what you envision for your weekend. Are you planning a couple’s retreat, or looking to celebrate an anniversary? Or, maybe you’re hoping to get back to the basics of being a couple without kids for 72-hours? We suggest Ramona Cottage and all its quaint, cozy charm. With a beautiful view and private, out of the way location, this is the perfect place to rekindle for two.

Zeb’s Cabin

Zeb’s Cabin is a family memory in Cascade, Colorado waiting to happen. You might be dreading the days of a long Fall Break after a long summer of everyone being home, bored, and fussing to be free. Book a weekend at Zeb’s Cabin and change up your scenery. Our scenery is some of the best you could dream up. Admire the changing leaves and crisp mornings, and let the Colorado landscape really paint the picture of fall and the rustic outdoorsy charm you’re searching for.

Let your family explore the area, hike the easy and quick trek to a scenic waterfall, and dine with a homemade vintage picnic to really add a unique charm to your vacation. The quaint getaway is a perfect vacation plan on its own, or you can plan to visit the nearby attractions like the Cliff Dwellings and the North Pole. Looking for more things to fill out your Cascade, Colorado vacation? Visit for ideas and links to plenty of Colorado attractions for your family’s weekend adventure.

Ramona’s Cottage: A Quaint Romantic Cabin

Ramona’s Cottage is a cozy cabin rental that has all the quaint charm of the quintessential romantic Colorado getaway. This little cabin has a lot of classic charm and cozy features that make Ramona’s Cottage the perfect place for quiet snuggles, intimate rekindling, and taking time to make memories with your special someone.

Take advantage of the hot tub to relax and unwind, snuggle in the fully furnished private cabin that allows total respite from household clamor, daily demands, and a reminder that the world still spins. Let your life slow down and take a comfortable hiatus with dedicated time to reconnect and revive your relationship.

A DIY Retreat in a Colorado Cabin

Another perfect thing about fall is its call to be still and listen to the changes around you. As the crops slow down, the temperatures drop, people fall into the holiday hum of football season, family gatherings, and Halloween/Holiday/Christmas planning—we forget to be true to our creative spirit. We sacrifice quiet time or our cherished friendships. If you’re looking for a weekend dedicated to creative fun—why not book our Colorado cabin for something entirely unique and original? Gather your group of girlfriends and come with your supplies to craft for your home and holidays. Or even bring extended family: it can’t be confirmed, but we heard that decorating Grandma’s cookies is even more magical in a beautiful mountain town, nestled in a rustic cabin.

Let’s Go Glamping!

There is no right or wrong way to go glamping, and there is no singular reason to pack up and head for the hills. We offer a fun and original camping option that is customized to fit your weekend vacation goals. We offer sweet add-on options like the Vintage Picnic because it’s a personalized touch that can make the weekend go from absolutely wonderful to above-and-beyond perfect.

Background of Leaves with the words Let's Go Glamping Cascade, CO Cascade Escapes
Let’s go cabin glamping! Booking a Colorado cabin is the perfect Fall vacation in Colorado.

Colorado camping doesn’t have to end just because the summer did. You’ve got to come check out the changing leaves, the beautiful crisp air, and maybe even visit the nearby Santa’s Workshop to really get your family ready for the fast-approaching holiday season.

Find Your Perfect Colorado Cabin Vacation

Find your Colorado cabin vacation in Cascade, CO, nestled in the hilly scenic landscape of a remote mountain town. You’ll be removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, but situated close to popular Colorado attractions like Santa’s Workshop, or the artsy town of Manitou further south. Within less than an hour’s drive from our Colorado cabin location, you can explore and discover the quaint mountain towns of Woodland Park, Divide, and Monarch. If you’ve ever been curious to explore the rich arts districts, head further south to Colorado Springs and Manitou. Explore the Southwest art scene and see what local Colorado creatives are doing within the community.

And come back after your day of exploration and cozy up with a relaxing soak in the hot tub, or  celebrate togetherness with the fully stocked game closet in Zeb’s Cabin. This is the kind of open-ended vacation you need: a flexible itinerary with lots to see and do nearby. And with a cozy cabin to curl up in at the end of an adventurous day, you know you’ll look forward to a good night’s sleep, too.

Return to Cozy in Cascade, CO

Our camping cabins in Cascade, Colorado offer a cozy retreat with a couple of options for different types of vacation planning. Two properties with unique amenities and features that appeal and attract families or couples, we pride ourselves upon providing a customized experience that fits a wide range of families, couples, and vacationing preferences.

Ramona’s Cottage is perfect for a peaceful couple’s retreat to rekindle connection. It’s a quiet getaway perfect for those who seek nature’s beauty and want to celebrate colorful Colorado. This romantic getaway for a couple is a wonderful anniversary trip idea, or simply a getaway “just because.”

Zeb’s Cabin is the perfect kid-friendly lodging solution. Often it can be difficult to find a Colorado hotel that sleeps a whole family, but our Colorado cabin sleeps your whole crew! For a family with kids, Zeb’s Cabin makes for reasonable family pricing with plenty to offer for everyone. We also offer fun packages that let your family create a customized experience that offers lasting memories.

The interior of Zeb's Cabin in Cascade, CO shows the lodging experience in a rustic Colorado cabin.
Spend your night in a cozy and inviting cabin that feels like coming home to the Colorado mountains.

This family lodging solution is an absolute oasis, full of fun for every member of your family. As you travel through Colorado to see the sites, make sure to explore the unique charm of Cascade and the surrounding mountain towns. Don’t forget to explore The North Pole or venture to the various outdoor adventures and unique Colorado attractions. And when you book your stay, be sure to tell us exactly what you’re looking for so we can help you create the perfect Colorado cabin adventure.





Summer’s Gone:  Fall into your Colorado Adventure

The days are getting shorter, the temps aren’t quite so l hot, and your family’s schedule is busier. The after-school activities pile onto your calendar, and perhaps you’re searching for one more breath of fresh air. Instead of giving into the busy, why not take a breath? Instead of committing yourself to an exhausting grind, consider scheduling a weekend of fun at Zeb’s Cabin in Cascade, Colorado.

Things To Do In Colorado Springs
Visiting Colorado this Fall? Check out Cascade Escapes for info on things to add to your adventure list.

If you live in Colorado, you have a whole adventure waiting for you in your figurative backyard. Why not book a weekend at a Colorado cabin, plan your itinerary with some fun stuff to do, and let your family enjoy a quick mini-vacation that is memorable? These quick trips can be a gentle reminder to reconnect with loved ones, sink into nature a little deeper, and leave the worries and pressures of the work and school week behind.


Planning Family Things to Do for Fall?

If you’re planning things for the family to do in fall, it can become an overwhelming funnel to sift through. Planning your adventure as you try to find the perfect place to stay with attractions that fit your budget can be a challenge. And easy dining options that will leave everybody satisfied can definitely be a tall order.

Cascade Escapes offers two options for lodging with plenty to do nearby. When you book the family-friendly Zeb’s  Cabin, your family adventure is already set with a million possibilities. You’ll have a rustic mountain view with stone patio seating for eight. Even for a large family, you’ll have space for up to eight people to lodge and lounge comfortably—and the nearby attractions will have your crew with plenty to explore during the day.

Zebulon's Cabin Colorado vacation spot
Visit Zeb’s Cabin, a family-friendly camping option that won’t have you freezing when autumn nights turn cold.

Family Photo Ideas

Our naturally beautiful mountain getaway is also the perfect thing for family photos! If you’re looking for ideas to make your holiday cards and social shout-outs memorable, consider snapping a few shots of your family nestled in the cabin or under a canopy of trees in the mountain air.

We know it can be hard to coordinate a family trip, let alone family photos. We also know our area offers fantastic views and photo ops, and the sheer fun will create a real sense of joyful togetherness for you and yours. Let your crew explore the woods, bond over games found pre-stocked in Zeb’s Cabin, and create the perfect weekend to relax, re-charge, and freeze a few frames of memories while you’re at it.


Plan a Trip to the Cliff Dwellings

One of the area’s best-kept-(not so!)-secrets? The Cliff Dwellings, where you can go inside the traditional Native American dwellings and get hands on with the fun and educational Colorado attraction. If you want to explore the Manitou Cliff Dwellings for free, mention this blog and when you book at Zeb’s Cabin—we’ll give you tickets for FREE admission to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.


One More Chance to Glamp: in a Colorado Cabin!

Book a weekend to camp! Take advantage of one more chance to enjoy a rustic camping experience before the temperatures drop. As the nights get chillier, early autumn skies call us to stargaze and admire the changing leaves. Cabin camping provides the perfect solution to extend camp season. Make cabin reservations and plan your camping trip complete with hiking, a picnic, and more.

The cozy cabin vacation spot will be perfect no matter the weather! You’ll have plenty to see and do between the cabin’s backyard beauty and the many nearby Colorado attractions. And if the weather lets you down, our cabin won’t: Zeb’s Cabin is loaded with board games and quaint charm. This is a custom touch of cozy to ensure your trip is a success, rain, snow, or shine.


Planning Your Colorado Adventure?

If you’re planning your Colorado adventure and not sure what to expect from a cabin like ours, please reach out to to find out more. We offer many packages and options, and our availability and accommodations vary with the season and pre-scheduled bookings, so feel free to be in touch to find out how to book your perfect cabin or cottage getaway in the mountains of Colorado.

Pssst! And don’t forget to mention this post to snag those FREE tickets to the Cliff Dwellings Museum!





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