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Cabin lodging and comfortably glamping with a cross-country adventure? Planning a sight-seeing extravaganza through the American West? Whatever your adventure may be, a road trip checklist can be helpful for planning all the details, big and small, of your big adventure for summer vacation 2021. 

We’ve decided to kick off Vacation Planning 2021 with a helpful guide to get you started in preparing for your 2021 road trip. Looking for a good route or scenic destination? Of course, we’re partial to Colorful Colorado. After all, our location in Cascade, Colorado offers you scenic photo opportunities with Garden of the Gods, spacious open land, and plenty of sight-seeing attractions. There’s a reason people travel here from around the world!

Road trip happier with our tips for a summer adventure on wheels. Image: Adobe

Before You Go

  1. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape.  A regular tune-up, oil change, and all that maintenance stuff should be done right before you hit the road. I mean, breaking down on the side of the road would be an adventure in itself, but it’s probably not the one that you had planned on. 
  2. Housekeeping. Make a list of all things, big and small, that you need to do to ensure your house is in ideal condition to be left for the duration of your trip. This may mean more than a thorough cleaning and tidy. You’ll want to remember houseplants and electronics, utilities, and other details to make sure you can vacation worry-free about what you left behind. (Did you know you can get ‘cakes’ to put in your fish tank to feed your fish for a few days?)
  3. Pack your bags–and your apps. Pack essentials (and don’t forget the little but important things, like chargers and electronics accessories!), and also be sure you have loaded your phone and devices with all the apps you’ll need for traveling: Google Maps, entertainment apps (with account info), and update your most frequently used apps and info so your mobile devices can be especially helpful while traveling.

While You Roll

  1. Plan your playlists–and podcasts–ahead of time! Maybe have one of your crew be the designated “media person” so there isn’t squabbling over who gets to man the controls. We’ve all been there: you want to listen to anything but The Wiggles–and that’s all the smart list wants to play. Trust us, planning ahead is worth it.  
  2. Plan for the stops and the views, and make a plan for some must-sees. You’d hate to drive past a can’t-miss hidden gem!
  3. Snack smart. While sometimes a road trip makes a great excuse to guzzle a gas station slushy and a bag of chips with some spicy beef jerky on the side–it may not make for the best habit the whole trip! Plan to bring protein bars, water bottles, fruits and veggies to feel your best by the time you reach your destination.
Pack your bags, fine tune the engine, and get rolling this summer! Adventure is out there. Image: Adobe

Once You Get There

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for their recommendations! This is how you’ll find the best places, because Google doesn’t always know about that delicious, hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant that just might change your life. 
  2. Make reservations ahead of time for restaurants, attractions, and events. (Trust us, you don’t want a ticketing conflict to keep you from experiencing the Terror-dactyl at Cave of the Winds!)
  3. Be sure to take a ton of pictures because you’ll have a lot of reasons for looking back and smiling.

Cabin Lodging in Colorado

Finding rustic cabin lodging in the great West is especially neat when you consider all the history you’ll be rooted in as a visitor to our historic state. With breathtaking views, amazing local food, and a culture built on adventure and tenacity, a Colorado vacation is bound to bring excitement and wonder to your explorations.

Families who stay with us at Ramona Cottage or Zeb’s Cabin often comment on the relaxing wooded area that is still somehow so close to so much. There is no roaring traffic–just the soft roar of a waterfall if you take the short hike up a ways. You’ll find no glaring street lamps–just the incredible shine of the moon. You won’t be dealing with packed parking lots or long wait lines. Instead, you’ll find narrow, unpaved roads and quaint shops owned by friendly locals.

Road Trip the West!

So where will your adventure take you? To Yellowstone or Yosemite? The Grand Canyon or Pikes Peak? We’d love to hear from you what your travel plans will be! And if you’re looking for family-friendly or perfectly romantic private cabin lodging, we’re here all year round. Find us on Instagram and tag us in your best vacation photos! If you stay with us, be sure to share your pictures on social and include the hashtag: #cascadeescapes2021

Want more ideas for traveling the West? Looking for ideas and inspiration for road tripping savvy? Check out these resources:

Ten and a Half Tips for Road Trips

Colorado Road Trip Must-Sees

Road Trip Planner

And we can’t wait to see you at the cabin!



Cabin life is all about taking time to enjoy the good things, to slow down and indulge, and that’s why we’re sharing cabin recipes on the blog! Discover more cabin recipes from Cascade Escapes to keep your kitchen cozy and your bellies happy.

On Sunday, March 14, 2021, we celebrated Pi Day! Every year on 3.14 we bake up something delicious for this official-unofficial-holiday and we thought we’d share a blue ribbon special on the blog. This cherry pie recipe became locally famous when it won first place in the Manitou Spring Pie Contest! So yeah, we’d say it’s a pretty solid choice.

Cherry Pie Fit for Cabin Life

Cherry pie is a well-loved favorite, and for good reason. You’ll love this award-winning cherry pie recipe because the flaky moist crust is especially rich with some added depth due to the addition of milk.

PRO-TIP: Simplify your pie crust process by mixing with a fork and forming directly into the pie pan.

Rather than canned cherries, this cherry pie filling from scratch is made rich and unique with grenadine syrup and almond extract. Be sure to find quality tart cherries, as these tart cherries are the key ingredient in developing the cherry flavor in this pie filling.

If you’re bringing home a slice of cabin life with this cherry pie recipe, might we recommend a scoop of homestyle vanilla ice cream to make your plate complete!

An American Tradition

American pie has been a tradition since before America was America! But who made Pi Day, well, Pi Day?! According to ( it was actually a logical coincidence because March 14th is numerically represented as 3.14, which is the mathematical phenomenon of pi–and it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Who could dream up a more perfect holiday?!

Delicious Homemade Cherry Pie with a Flaky Crust. Image: iStock

Since this Pi Day tradition picks up popularity every year, we wanted to share our recipe in honor of a terrific excuse to eat some pie. This year we chose cherry because, as your local innkeepers in Cascade, Colorado, we have a special claim to fame with this blue ribbon recipe.

Want to learn more about Manitou Springs and the Manitou Spring Pie Contest? Check out this link! And if you’re looking for unique local things to do in Colorado, we highly recommend the artful community of Manitou, and the quaint local events and traditions of our mountain towns. (Coffin Race and Fruitcake Toss, anyone?)  

The 2020 Pie Contest was canceled, but we are so hopeful for a strong return in 2021!

A Cabin Favorite

Cabin recipes are favorites around here because they’re tried and true, and we hope our cabin fam can keep the spirit of cabin life alive with these free recipes from our cabin kitchen to yours. If you have a cabin favorite you’d like to share, be sure to let us know in the comments or email us at

Cherry pie is sure to be a repeat recipe for spring celebrations, summer picnics, and early fall dessert favorites. Canning your cherry pie filling is always an option if you want to make those tart cherries last for the whole season! You can also learn how to preserve your pie cherries through this handy resource:

A slice of pie! Image: pexels

We hope our cabin recipes keep your kitchen cooking, baking, and entertaining all year-round.

Calling on our Colorado Cabin Fam!

Have a cabin story to share with us? We love to keep the recipes rolling along with blog posts about our cozy cabin properties and the visitors who make us the unique cabin community we are. When you stay with Cascade Escapes, you’re more than a customer–you’re our cabin fam.

We’re looking for more stories like Emily and Damian (internal blog link) to share, so we encourage cabin couples, families, and past guests to reach out if you’d like your unique story to be shared on our blog and social media!

Post your Pics to Social Media!

Cabin guests can also share the fun by posting your cabin pics on Instagram and tagging @cascadeescapes 

Did you try our Cherry Pie Recipe? Do you have a pie to share from your own Pi Day celebration? Tag us on social media and let us see your Pi Day Pics!

And as always, we can’t wait to see you at the cabin.

Happy Pi Day!

Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie

 Pie Crust

1 ½ cups flour

1 ½ tsp sugar

½ tsp salt

½ cup of Wesson oil

2 T milk

Put all ingredients in a pie pan and mix with a fork. Pat and press into pan and up the sides to form an edge.


Cherry Pie Filling

1 cup sugar

¼ cup cornstarch

¼ teaspoon salt

2/3 cup grenadine syrup

2 (14.5) ounce cans of pitted tart red cherries

½ teaspoon almond extract

1 tablespoons butter

Combine first 3 ingredients in a medium saucepan, stir.

Stir grenadine syrup into sugar mixture. Cook over medium heat until smooth, stirring constantly. Add cherries and simmer until liquid is thickened and transparent ( about 4 minutes), stirring. Add almond extract and butter until it melts. Cool.

Place cherries in the pie pan.

If you want to make a top crust( 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon salt and 7 tablespoons of water and 2/3 cup shortening.

Mix together and form a disk. Roll out and put on top of pie, cut 3 1” slits in the center of pie. Put on a cookie sheet and bake 400 degrees for 55 minutes, if it’s browning too fast, put foil around the edges of the pie.




Cabin honeymoon couples make us so incredibly happy! We hope to share more stories like Emily and Damian’s, so please shoot us a message if you’ve stayed with us and would like to be featured on the blog.

Meet Emily and Damian: a sweet couple who chose us for their cabin honeymoon in November 2020. We love featuring guest stories here on the Cozy Cabin blog, and it’s always heartwarming to hear how Cascade Escapes gets to be a part of the romance from time to time.

Cabin Honeymoon in a Pandemic

This sweet couple chose our Colorado cabins because it provided the perfect pandemic solution to honeymooning during COVID-19! Plus, our neck of the woods is an easy driving distance from most parts of the Midwest and West, making us a great stop along the map for adventurers on a road trip. Emily shares, “ We wanted somewhere […] to enjoy our time together without any obligations or anyone else around.”

The new Mr. & Mrs. Cyr standing in front of Ramona Cottage. Image Courtesy of Emily Cyr

The private seclusion of Ramona’s Cottage is perfect for that—but it also has a few neat things to do, too—which was perfect for Emily and Damian, who also hoped for a place that would have a few things to do nearby, but nothing that felt overwhelming or made them feel like they absolutely had to do.

We agree, Emily and Damian, flexible options on what your day will bring is always a plus!

We love getting to know our cabin couples, and Emily was kind enough to share her cabin honeymoon story for a blog feature! It’s always fun to share these cabin honeymoon stories and shine a spotlight on couples and families who stay with us!

Before the Cabin Honeymoon: How they Met

Emily and Damian met just over six years ago during college—and the rest is history. Damian likes to tell the story, she turned me down for our first date, but Emily actually favors the story about how her now-husband proposed.

Emily and Damian chose to honeymoon with us in 2020, and we’re so glad they did! Image courtesy of Emily Cyr

During the hectic times of college life during a pandemic, their time together had been extremely limited and so the strain of distance had been a heavy factor. After a lot of time apart, they finally squeezed in a date together and Emily had a sneaking suspicion Damian would propose. But why do you think that?  Her friend asked, and Emily admitted she honestly had no good reason to suspect he would propose—other than what her heart was telling her.

Their first date after this gap in their time together as a couple was a throwback to the location of their very first date. She felt those nervous flutters of anticipation all through the meal—but still no proposal. Damian asked , “Do you want to go to the top of the world?”

“I actually kind of had to use the restroom,” Emily admits, “but I was hopeful [that he’d propose], so I said sure.”

Hope, Patience, and a Pandemic Wedding

And her hopeful persistence paid off—as the sunset dwindled and the last bit of light gave way to a gentle twilight, Damian proposed. Emily, of course, said yes—and we’re so glad they did!

When couples book their private cabin with us, we take pride in knowing we are the best in the West. Our Colorado cabins offer a private hot tub, a fully-equipped kitchen, and spacious but cozy private quarters that allow couples to stretch out, cuddle up, and let go of life for a quiet getaway.

Adventure in Colorado springs! Wedding trip adventures in 2020. Image Courtesy of Emily Cyr

Nearby dining includes local favorite, Wines of Colorado, and plenty of other fine dining, breweries, and local eateries in downtown Colorado Springs and nearby Woodland Park. Planning a wedding trip or anniversary is easy to do when you’ve got such a scenic and historic spot to explore and enjoy.

Cabin Honeymoon: Perfect Solution for COVID-Times

Emily and Damian found their perfect honeymoon solution for pandemic living—and we are so happy to offer a safe and private option for vacationing during COVID. 

As newly-weds, the sweet couple tells us their couples’ goals include the motto, “live long and prosper.” They hope to travel, raise a family at some point, and enjoy their chosen careers as mechanical engineers while living a life they love together.

Cheers to that!

We wish you both the very best in life ahead, and we hope you’ll travel back to the cottage from time to time.


Cabin recipes are fun blog posts to bring home a piece of the cabin adventure to your kitchen! Curated by our innkeepers, we share a cabin recipe each month that is a tried and true tradition in our Colorado cabin family. We also love to share new recipe finds that are a hit around our Colorado cabin headquarters!

In case you didn’t notice, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it feels like sugar overload by the time we hit February after a season of sweet snacking through winter! However, don’t banish your sweet tooth quite yet—we’ve got a recipe to share that you’ll love.

Traditional Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Traditional sugar cookies are spruced up with a tad bit of red food coloring to deliver a little color to your Valentine Cookies. If you make these, be sure to let us know on social media! Tag us in your Insta posts or give us a shout on Facebook to see what kinds of cookies you cut out this Valentine’s Day.

This cookie recipe yields a lot of cookies, so be sure to try this out for class parties, potlucks, or other occasions where you have a lot of cookie lovers to cover.Colorado Cabins Beyond the Basics

For families who have stayed with us, you know our Cascade, Colorado cabins are fully equipped with a whole working kitchen, dinnerware, and your basic appliances. One of the things we love as Colorado innkeepers, is offering guests a uniquely personalized stay at our private cabin rentals that offer all the comforts of home.

And when our cabin families leave the Ramona or Zeb’s Cabin, we want you to know you’re still our cabin family. It’s a lot of why we keep connecting with recipes and offers made just for you and your families. We understand that life isn’t always a vacation, but Cascade Escapes is dedicated to bringing a little joy and happy to your kitchen every month with a new cabin recipe!

Valentine Cookie Recipe

Image: Adobe Stock

Are you ready to try our Valentine cookies with a red velvet twist?


Gather your ingredients:


¾ C shortening (like Crisco)

¼ C butter

1 C sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking powder

3 C flour


Once you’ve gathered your ingredients and prepared your work space, it’s time to mix up your cookie batter!

Cookie Recipe Directions



In a bowl, cream together the shortening and butter. Then add sugar and cream together.

Add each egg and combine.

Add vanilla and continue to mix, adding dry ingredient gradually until dough is well combined.

Optional: Add red food coloring to desired effect for Valentine cookies!

Chill dough.

Roll cookies onto a clean counter surface, using a mixture of flour (1C)  and powdered sugar (1/2 C) to prevent sticking. Roll flat and cut to desired shapes with cookie cutters.

Preheat oven to 400 F. Preheat convection oven to 325 F. Bake 8-10 minutes until done.

Allow cookies to cool completely before decorating.

Let your kids help with a cabin recipe for cookies from Cascade Escapes! Image: Moonphase Creative

Cabin Recipes and Cabin Rentals

We wanted to share this cabin recipe for Valentine’s Day cookies with a rose-colored twist to celebrate February’s favorite holiday. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, a romantic vacation, or planning a weekend to rekindle your relationship, check our availability for 2021 bookings!

We offer two private cabin rentals near Colorado Springs and Woodland Park, Colorado. Our remote location is a safe-haven with worry-free lodging for couples and families, and we pride ourselves in offering the very best in cozy cabin comfort. If you’re looking for a getaway that doesn’t have COVID-19 hassles, be sure to check out our properties.

The Cozy Cabin Blog

Cascade Escapes is a family-owned cabin rental company in Colorado, and every year our scenic and private rental properties are the vacation destination for families, couples, and small groups. If you are looking for a private vacation or romantic retreat, our cabin rentals offer the very best in private lodging. We have expanded our online presence to continue connecting with our community, because our cabin family is an important part of who we are. We want to hear about your adventures and hear how we can make your Colorado vacation the very best.

Reach out to our cabin crew to find out how we’re connecting with the community to bring you a personalized vacation destination that lets you lodge in private quarters. Want to find out more about our cabins and all the fun things to do nearby? Follow us on Insta and Facebook to hear about our seasonal promotions, upcoming community events, and the low-down on what’s happening in colorful Colorado.

Have you stayed with us before? We always love to hear stories from our cabin family. Submit them to us at for a chance to have your sweet story featured on our cabin blog!

Book Your Colorado Cabin Now

Ready for 2021 to bring back some fun? Let us know when you’re booking your vacation!


Colorado cabin surrounded by scenic mountainscapes and the quiet of a sleepy historic town? That sounds like the perfect romantic getaway! It’s hard to believe our Colorado cabin sits a stone’s throw from the site of the historic Ramona Hotel, a once-thriving spot for travelers of all kinds who came to explore and bask in the beauty of Pike’s Peak and rural Colorado. 

While the historic Ramona was torn down long ago, you can still find remnants of her foundation just yards from our sweet Ramona’s Cottage. This quaint cabin rental was built in 1917 and boasts antique details you’ll love.

The historic Ramona Hotel in Cascade, CO, circa 1900. Image via Denver Public Library

One hundred years later, the magic of this mountain town persists. Now, the sweet town of Cascade, CO is home to romantic cozy cabins, and retains a rustic local flavor that is perfectly preserved in the sloping mountainside of Pike’s Peak. What more could you ask for in the perfect romantic getaway spot?

If you come stay with us, be sure to explore the private backyard and venture down the road a tiny ways to see the remnants and memories still visible in the local town and around the pathways! If you’re a history lover, especially, you’ll feel the magic all around you.

Our Cabin Rental is More Home than Hotel!

When you settle into your private Colorado cabin rental, you’ll find yourself equipped with all you need for a quiet retreat: a master bedroom with an attached bathroom full of vintage charm. A kitchen and dining area fully equipped for a romantic evening in, and a comfortable living room with all the modern amenities, plus a historic aesthetic that’s hard to find anywhere else. 

A fully-equipped kitchen complete with modern amenities and beautifully polished original details intact through a thoughtful remodel! Image: Moonphase Creative

Check out the sweet details, including two separate baths. One boasts a walk-in shower and spacious second bathroom and artisan sink. And the master bath has been renovated to modern comforts, but the original clawfoot tub remains–don’t miss out on this beautiful antique detail! This original antique feature really shows the original character and immaculate care taken to preserve the magic of Ramona’s history.

If you stay with us, be sure to check out the tiny details that remain a testament to the antique craftsmanship of the early 20th century. The Ramona Cottage was built in 1917, and much of the original details remain intact. The hardwood floors, glass and window details, and more have been preserved where possible. To ensure comfort and safety, of course, updates and renovations have also made this sweet cabin a comfortable and cozy retreat with all the modern comforts. It’s a wonderful mix of history and modern comfort, so you’ll feel you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Comfortable Colorado Cabin Living

Other comforts include comfortable leather furniture that envelopes you in a rustic respite, and a hot tub nestled in the slope of the private backyard. Soak in the hot tub and inhale the crisp mountain air–and savor the view of mountainscapes like you’ve never seen before.

The spacious rambling yard is perfect for relaxing with a quiet amble and admiring the amazing skyline of the nearby mountains. And if you keep meandering down the road, you’ll discover the short and scenic hike to a waterfall. You’ll find a picnic table serves as the perfect place to unfold a picnic for two (and you can plan for it with our Vintage Picnic Add-On).

Nearby Things to Do in Cascade, CO

If you’re wondering what else might be nearby to round out your romantic celebration, we suggest dinner and wine at local landmark, Wines of Colorado. Here you’ll find a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with local fine dining and a unique selection of local wines from the state of Colorado. Perfectly aged and perfectly paired to cuisine made by local culinary experts. 

The town of Cascade, CO sits between Colorado Springs, Colorado and Woodland Park, making it the perfect central spot for exploring the local scene over the course of several days. Browse the unique art scene in Old Colorado City in the Downtown Colorado Springs district.

Ready to head outside? Find more adventure in the Colorado countryside and around the mountain town in scenic hikes and footpaths. Explore the natural beauty of Colorado with hiking and natural attractions, including the Manitou Cliff Dwellings and Cave of the Winds. And check out Woodland Park local favorites like The Donut Mill, or the Paradox Beer Company.

Colorado Cabin Life!

When you settle back into Ramona Cottage after a day of adventures and exploration, be sure to check out the neat mementos that dot the walls of our sweet private cabin rental. The furnishings themselves are curated with care to invoke a sense of historic Colorado and vintage charm. You’ll find reminders of days gone by, antique and vintage trinkets that add a unique spin to your visit. Our cabins not only provide you with an escape from your day to day life, but also leave you with memories you can’t wait to tell everyone about. 

Check out the vintage and antique details that make staying at the Ramona an extra special treat! Image from Moonphase Creative

Ramona Cottage is a clean, well-kept private cabin rental that promises to be a comfortable nest as you explore Colorado. Want to learn more about our Colorado vacation rentals? Check out this detailed page about the Ramona Cottage and also check out Zeb’s Cabin for another option for private cabin lodging in Cascade, Colorado.

Book Your Colorado Cabin Vacation Today!

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or wedding trip? We love seeing the pictures, notes, and stories from our cabin guests! Find us on social media or send us your stories at

Want to book your birthday, anniversary, or upcoming honeymoon trip? Use our Book Now feature to reserve your spot, as we are taking 2021 reservations now and look forward to meeting you in Colorado this year!

Have you heard about our other cabin? Zeb’s Cabin is also available for a couple’s retreat. With a private hot tub, magical woodland view, and private mountainside location, this Colorado cabin is also a great option for couples or families looking to relax in the Colorado mountains for a weekend or two.

Planning your Spring adventure? Check out what’s happening now!

Looking for a Summer getaway? Check out a list of what’s happening in Summer 2021!

Are you thinking ahead to autumn in Colorado? You might find some great ideas and inspiration here.

We are booking year-round and look forward to being part of your Colorado vacation.



Searching for the perfect Colorado cabin rental? Looking for family friendly vacation ideas that are fun for the whole family with an extra side of learning and exploration? Look no further that the February promotional package offering that we’re announcing today on the Cabin Life Blog!

Learn With Cascade Escapes

Cascade Escapes cabins in scenic Colorado are already the perfect spot for a family vacation, but our newest offer is especially sweet. It puts education in a box—a souvenir box to take with you even after you’ve said goodbye to your vacation!

The Explorer Box is packed with all you need to make your stay a full family adventure. You’ll find a book about nature, a map to follow for some scenic hiking fun, and more activities, maps and history about our local area!

Explore with us!

The Explorer box is free to all families staying with us in February. Each box is unique, so mention the code EXPLORER to receive your one-of-a-kind box when book your cabin stay with us in Februrary 2021. After February, this sweet deal won’t be completely gone: you’ll be able to add the Explorer Box as an easy add-on when you book your cabin vacation. Want more than one box? Because each box is handcrafted by our small staff, you’ll get a unique box perfect for every child in the family!

Explorer Box Example
The Explorer Box is loaded with educational resources and kid-friendly fun to make your stay extra fun!

So what’s in the Explorer Box? We’re excited show you.

  • A Book About Nature
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Word Search & Puzzle Games
  • Colorado History
  • Creative Stickers


And a whole bunch more! Contents may vary, as each box is individually packed by your friendly innkeepers!

Colorado History and More

We want to share a love of nature and appreciation of Colorado history with our guests, and we hope the Explorer box will do exactly that and more. Discover the history of Zebulon Pike, learn about our famous Woodmen Road and how it relates to the railroads and TB camps of the 19th century–and discover what museums and historical sites make the list for Colorado Springs Top Ten Things to See and Do.

We’re always on the lookout for fun things to recommend to our guests, and inside the Explorer box you’ll find maps and more to guide your stay. Traveling with kids can be stressful, exhausting, and anxiety can compound as you struggle to devise an itinerary and navigate your new surroundings. Our goal is to provide more than just a cabin to rent. Staying with Cascade Escapes should feel like a true vacation with the promise of adventure.

Unwind, unplug, and let go of your worries at our family-friendly cabin rentals! With all the comforts of home plus a view you couldn’t find anywhere else, our Colorado cabins offer an amazing value for family-friendly lodging. The mountainside scenery is a wooded wonderland just waiting to be explored. Now come see what we’re talking about–and share your pictures with us on Instagram!

Share stories and pictures from your adventures with us! And let us know if you’d like to be featured on our blog, Instagram, or other social media.

Share Your Colorado Cabin Stories With Us!

We want you to share your Colorado cabin memories with us! Seeing your pictures is an absolute highlight of our job as Colorado innkeepers. We love the way our cabin families celebrate life and live their best memories while visiting our properties. When you book your vacation 2021 with us, be sure to tell us all about it! If you’d like your stories or pictures to be featured on our blog or social media, be sure to let us know!

Want to book your family vacation now? Check out our online booking tool, and/or email if you have any specific questions. If you’re booking in February, mention the code EXPLORER for your kid-friendly kit. Let us know how many kids are in your family group, and we’ll arrange accordingly.

Are you looking to book Spring or Summer cabins? Use our book now feature to plan ahead. Cascade Escape cabins are open year-round, cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between every occupancy, and fully equipped with furnished comforts and a hot-tub. Our private cabins offer the perfect single-family solution for vacation rentals. Both property locations are secluded yet close to plenty of things to do in Colorado Springs.

Book Your Cabin Stay With Us

Let us know if you’re planning to book or if you have questions about our special offers or add-ons. We can’t wait to see you at the cabin this year! Find us on Facebook and Instagram, or check out the rest of our website to learn more about our single-family cabin rentals.



If you book your cabin getaway with us, opt-in for the Vintage Picnic and you’ll discover our giant, soft homemade cookies. These famous Cascade Escapes cookies are straight from our family recipe files. Since we already shared Grandma Hazel’s fudge recipe, we thought we’d share this recipe too. And if you’re looking for a cabin getaway, well–we’ve got your back on that one, too. Check out our sweet deals on renting a weekend of Cabin Life here!

These cookies are perfect for Santa’s snacks! The recipe yields a lot of cookies, so it won’t be the end of the world if your family eats a few before leaving some out for the big guy. Soft, chewy, delicious cookies like these are a mainstay for the holiday season, so give these a try and see if the recipe becomes a tradition in your kitchen, too.


A Cabin Tradition

When we opened up our cabins for rent twenty years ago, I don’t think we quite knew what the next two decades would have in store. So as we celebrate holiday 2020, we reflect on all the unexpected challenges and silver-linings of a twenty-year adventure. We love being your favorite Colorado innkeepers, and watching our little cabin company grow has been the best blessing we could hope for.

If you book your cabin rental with us in 2021, we’re excited to tell you about new happenings around our cozy cabin properties! We’re rolling out new offerings like the February Educational Explorer Package, and an Easter Egg Hunt option for the months of March and April. We are also planning some fun giveaways for our visitors and our fans and followers on social media.

Many of the classic offerings, like the Vintage Picnic, will be staying on the menu—so check out all the many ways you can customize and personalize your cabin vacation in 2021. Headed to Colorado? Find out what Colorado attractions we recommend in our area, and plan your trip accordingly.


Ramona’s Cottage: Quaint Cabin Getaway

Ramona’s Cottage is our romantic quaint cabin getaway, perfect for a Valentine’s Day weekend or a romantic couples’ retreat. Anniversary celebration or a wedding trip are perfect reasons to book Ramona’s Cottage for a romantic weekend getaway. You can add the Vintage Picnic for a sweet, unique touch to your cabin plans. Hike the short distance to the beautiful waterfall and reconnect over the romantic lunch for two complete with these delicious cookies.

Ramona's Cottage, romantic cabin getaway in Cascade, CO
Ramona’s cottage, a sweet cabin getaway in the Colorado mountains!

If you’re looking for a romantic spot to honeymoon, we recommend Ramona’s Cottage with nearby attractions you’re sure to remember forever. Visit the majestic beauty of the mountainside with scenic hikes, or explore the Cave of the Winds to really experience the wondrous gems of Colorado. Downtown Colorado Springs offers shopping, dining, and more to round out your Colorado stay.

Zeb’s Cabin: The Spot for Adventure

Zeb’s Cabin is the perfect place for families to go glamping! Also perfect for couples looking for a little extra room to spread out and enjoy the cabin life. Relax in the hot tub or lounge in the living room with a beautiful view of the Colorado woodland setting. Just minutes from Pike’s Peak, you’ll be set to hike and explore the beautiful land and close enough to tour the historic district of Colorado Springs.

Cascade Escape's family cabin getaway, cabin rental in Cascade, CO.
Zeb’s Cabin offers a spacious cabin experience that is perfect for couples or a family of four!

If you book your cabin getaway with us in February, you’ll get a special box of educational fun to guide you through Colorado history with some interesting tidbits about our interesting and historical location. If you’re looking for a unique way to plan your vacation, we promise our cabin rentals will add a lot to your vacation plans.

Cabin Life + Cookies 

We are so excited to share a slice of cabin life with you once again here on the blog, and also happy to share another great recipe from the family files. If you’re looking for a great recipe for the holidays, we’re glad you’ve found this one! If you have any questions, be in touch with us by shooting an email over to


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The Cascade Escapes Family Cookie Recipe

These cookies are a tradition for a reason! Check out our family recipe and be sure to follow our Cabin Life blog for more recipes, deals, and updates on all things Cabin Life!

PreHeat Oven to 375 Bake for 8-10 minutes

Approx. Yield: 3 ½ dozen


1 Stick Blue Bonnet Oleo

1 Stick of Butter

1/3 C shortening

1 C Brown sugar

1 c granulated sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

3 ¼ C flour (AP)

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt (coarse ground sea salt)


In one bowl, sift together the dry ingredients.


In another bowl, mix together the butter and oil with both types of sugars. Add vanilla and then add the eggs. Slowly add the dry mix as you beat together all ingredient.


Add 4 handfuls of chocolate chips to the mix!


Make balls of dough (approx. 1 ½  inch diameter) and space evenly on cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes. Be sure not to over-bake!

Are you ready to kick off 2021 with a cabin vacation rental and family adventure? We certainly are. As exciting as the twists and turns of 2020 have been, we’re looking forward to a fresh start! What better start to your 2021 could you hope for, than a relaxing family vacation. Sound good? Read on to see what we have in store!

New Offers for Zeb’s Cabin

Cascade Escapes is excited to offer some new and exciting things in 2021! As a long-time getaway in Colorado, we have been a tried-and-true vacation haven for many throughout the years. Our cabin rentals offer quaint, comfortable and private lodging for couples, families, small friend groups, and more. We were lucky enough in this wild year to have seen a lot of growth, which we attribute to being the perfect COVID-friendly vacation option for you and your family!

Because of the new normal, we decided to offer more to our cabin campers. We understand that planning a vacation in COVID times can be extra stressful, and a cabin getaway is meant for relaxation more than anything. I think it’s safe to say that none of us expected this pandemic to go on for as long as it has, and as experienced innkeepers with twenty years in the industry, our heart goes out to our cabin family.

The people we meet while staying in our cabins make our company what it is–and we love getting to know our visitors from all the world. We truly care about all of our Cascade Escapes visitors. Every single person who we have the honor of hosting touches us in a new way, teaches us something new, lets us see a new life we wouldn’t have known without meeting them.

A Special Gift for Families

Book your cabin vacation in scenic Colorado for vacation 2021 now!

Our guests have given us so much over the years, so we’re excited to give back with a few special offers made for you, from us.

One of those new special offers involves learning. Because, of course, learning at home is one of those strange “new normals” that we’re all adjusting to on the daily. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or you’ve been thrown into the e-learning arena, we know it’s an ongoing challenge to find a work-life-school balance.

Fitting a vacation into all of that seems impossible. But it doesn’t have to be! A break is long overdue, and that’s why we’re offering something to help make it happen.

If you book your cabin vacation with us in February, you’ll have access to our own Educational Explorer Kit. This little kit comes packed with information about Colorado’s history and the famous namesake of Pikes Peak, Zebulon Pike. The educational kit includes exciting locations and information to discover and explore with landmark history and other fun facts to learn about Colorado Springs.

The Educational Explorer Cabin Rental Package

We’ll include a box filled with educational fun so you can plan your vacation and learning adventure all at once. It’s a humble offering to all the parents combining home, office, and school under some difficult circumstances. Cascade Escapes is family-owned and operated, so we know a thing or two about all the hard work it takes!

This is one of the many reasons why we’re so invested in offering family friendly vacations that are incredibly memorable and special. Cancel out all those stressful memories that clouded up the year of 2020, and get 2021 going in the right direction.

The Cabin Vacation: Reinvented

Now, while we don’t know when this new normal will end, e-learning or some variation is becoming a bigger and more permanent part of our lives. For that reason, we see a lot of families reinventing the way they vacation. Our Educational Explorer Packet will definitely make your cabin vacation more memorable, with activities and ideas for adventure built right in.

Let us make your vacation planning a bit easier from start to finish, and come check out all the amazing area attractions in Colorado Springs. You’ll find so much to do from the Cave of the Winds to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and you’ll find yourself happy to curl up for a good night’s sleep in the cozy cabin before morning calls. And when morning calls, be sure to check out some of Colorado’s best for breakfast!

Our family friendly cabin vacation rental is located just minutes from historic Colorado Springs, CO and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, as well as numerous other educational and historic landmarks. Whether your kiddo is learning Colorado history or you’re just looking for a way to supplement their education in general, there’s no shortage of history, education, and entertainment in our area.

Visitors to Zeb’s Cabin explore nature on a family hike with our popular Vintage Picnic package. Photo used with permission.

children hiking with a large picnic basket in scenic Colorado woods
Visitors to Zeb’s Cabin explore nature on a family hike with our popular Vintage Picnic package. Photo used with permission.

Zeb’s Cabin

Zeb’s Cabin, located minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, is named after Zebulon Pike himself. Zebulon Pike was a U.S. Army officer who led the expedition in search of the Mississippi River source in 1805. His instructions were to find the headwaters of the Arkansas and Red rivers and investigate Spanish settlements in New Mexico.

Zebulon Pike’s interesting history is often overshadowed by the expeditions of Lewis and Clark. However, Zeb’s explorations and exciting life are an interesting dip into history for kids and history lovers of all ages. If you book with us in February, you’ll receive a free Educational Explorer’s Kit. The kit comes with all the things you’ll need to complete your learning adventure in our neck of the woods. We especially love the exciting adventures of Zebulon Pike and all his adventures! From mountain climbing to pioneering new discoveries, his story will amaze people of all ages. Zeb is a unique character in American history that kids love to learn about–especially when walking the very grounds he pioneered with exploration.

Our cabin vacation rentals really strive to deliver a unique experience, and we hope our February offer will have your family excited to learn and explore. Let us know about this blog post when you book, and mention EXPLORER to get your Educational Explorer Kit upon check-in at our Colorado cabin!



The holidays are a little different this year, so we’re offering a tried and true family recipe for a little choco-therapy here on the Cozy Cabin Blog at Cascade Escapes. We know that a warm blanket, a good book, and delicious treats can turn a cold and boring day into a sweet and comfy retreat.

This particular fudge recipe is very close to our heart. It’s a delightfully rich and chocolatey recipe from the family files! This fudge recipe stretches back to our cabin owner’s childhood. Grandma Hazel was an inspiration and cornerstone in the life of Cascade Escapes cabin vacation rental owner, Sandy. Today we are sharing a special part of Grandma Hazel’s legacy through this family recipe with you.

The Fudge Recipe

Grandma Hazel’s Fudge is a unique fudge recipe in that it has marshmallows simmered right into the base. This offers a deliciously rich and creamy layer of sweet flavor that folds into the chocolate for a smooth finish. If you’d like to add some texture and taste, feel free to add some nuts. We like shaved almonds or chopped walnuts–but you can certainly go for macadamia nuts or hazelnuts.

December 2020 might not be the same without bustling schedules and gatherings to celebrate with our families, friends, and communities. However, we hope you’ll find ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home with holiday recipes, family traditions, and a focus on what truly matters for this season of reflection.

The process of making fudge is easy enough. We let the kids try their hand at stirring, pouring, and sorting ingredients. This fudge recipe has a lot of fun tasks–like tearing up jumbo marshmallows!

You can also use tiny marshmallows to simplify that step, but definitely try this unique recipe that incorporates the fluffy white sweet treat. The added velvety quality from the marshmallows deepens the flavor. Because our kiddos aren’t a fan of nuts, we made ours without. But it happened to be national fudge and peanut butter day, so I mixed up a quick peanut butter fudge icing to pour over the top for an extra sweet and delicious layer. I didn’t use a specific recipe, but you can find some good ones around Pinterest, like this one from the Yummy Tummy.

One great thing about a yummy fudge recipe like this: it’s easy to mix in your own ideas and try many flavors and combinations. At the same time, this family fudge recipe is tried and true and simple enough to (almost) be called fool-proof.

The Cozy Cabin Vacation Rentals

When our Colorado cabin rental company was founded a decade ago, the idea of families passing through seemed simple enough. This was a matter of business, and guests coming and going from Cascade Escapes cabin rentals were par for the course. However, as our cabin vacation rental grew, and we met more and more families and couples who booked their Colorado vacation with us, it became a personal investment.

We think of Cascade Escapes as more than just cabin rentals and vacation housing. These cabin rentals are vacation spots where memories are made. Visiting couples and families that stay in our cabin vacation rentals are a connective piece of who we are as a company. Families return year after year as our cozy cabin rentals become an annual vacation tradition.

The Cozy Cabin Experience

Because of this sense of community and commitment to our Cascade Escapes vacationing couples and families–past, present, and future–we want the Cozy Cabin Blog to be more than just information about our cabin rentals. We want to share stories, recipes, and memories with our readers and folks who happen upon our site. We hope that you’ll book your 2020 Holiday getaway with us, and that you’ll find your stay an incredibly unique and joyful retreat.

When you book your cabin rental with us, you’ll find sweet add-on deals to craft a uniquely personalized experience, such as the Vintage Picnic add-on. With this cabin booking add-on, you’ll get to taste another authentic recipe from Grandma Hazel, too. Every Vintage Picnic basket is packed with flaky croissant sandwiches, chips, and giant cookies from the recipe book of Grandma Hazel herself. We love how family history stays alive in the tiny details of our family-owned vacation rental company. This is what truly sets apart from many Air BnBs and other Colorado boutique lodging.

Holiday 2020: Book Now

Before we dive into the recipe, here’s an offer even better than our family fudge recipe. If you book your stay with us now, you’ll receive another dessert from Grandma Hazel’s recipe book. Mention the code HolidayTreats20 to receive a complimentary pie to liven up your last-minute holiday adventure.

A winter family vacation can be awe-inspiring and magical. Find out how your cabin rental can turn the winter holiday into a magical moment.

December is basically here, and the Christmas countdown has begun. If you’re looking for something more than chocolate therapy and you’d like to book a cabin getaway, email:

Act fast because our December spots will fill up fast!

Grandma Hazel’s Fudge

Creamy and decadent, stirring fudge to that perfect consistency is so satisfying!

4 C Sugar

10 2/3 oz evaporated milk

20 Large Marshmallows (torn up/equals 1 ½ cups of tiny marshamallows)

3 C Chocolate Chips

½ cup of butter (or shortening)

1 ½ tsp vanilla

Optional: nuts of your choice

In a medium saucepan, add the sugar, evaporated milk and marshmallows. Constantly to incorporate ingredients, then bring to boil and let it sit at a rolling boil for 6 minutes.

Chunk up the butter and place in a medium bowl along with chocolate chips, vanilla and (optional) nuts. Pour the boiling mixture into the bowl and stir together.

Pour the incorporated melted fudge into a greased 13×9 pan and let cool before cutting.

Yields approx. 40 pieces

Our rendition included a peanut butter fudge icing on top of Grandma Hazel’s Fudge recipe. Let us know how your fudge turns out too!






Happy Thanksgiving from Our Cabin to Your Crew!

Whether you are a crew of two, four or six, we wish everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving. To our loyal Cascade Escapes friends and families, we hope your holiday is filled with warm memories and a meaningful celebration with loved ones near and far. We can’t believe the year is wrapping up and it’s already time to think about booking a cabin rental for 2021.

It’s been a strange and unexpected year, but we hope adventure and good times found you even during these trying times. Cascade Escapes is happy to offer a welcome retreat to couples and families looking to book a cabin getaway that promises a break from the stressful happenings around us.

Over the years, our company has grown to see many families share cabin vacations, and it is absolutely the best part of our job to see our guests benefit from our unique vacation rental. Our wonderful families leave happy and return knowing they can count on us for an unforgettable and enjoyable weekend away.

Scenic Cabin Rental for 2021

Knowing that families make such special memories at our scenic cabin rental properties in Cascade, CO brings us a lot of joy, and this is why we’re writing to say–we have a lot of gratitude to all our guests for every single stay to come our way in the last  20+ years.

Colorful Colorado Landscape
Plan your 2021 Colorado Vacation and put Cascade Escapes on your list for lodging! Image: Adobe

We love sharing the beautiful landscapes and histories of Colorado. When we established our cabin rental properties, we did it to share our love of the area, and our love of the history that surrounds us. This holiday season, we are thankful to still be booking vacations and seeing our cabin become part of the treasured memories families will treasure for years to com.

And, as we wrap up another successful year of sharing the Colorado experience, we’re excitedly dreaming about 2021. Think of all the memories waiting be made in these quaint cabins. Proposals, honeymoons, a family’s first trip together, a long overdue quilter’s reunion…

Our cabin has hosted a myriad of memories and we’re proud to offer the very best in the boutique travel industry. Now that 2020 is coming to a close, we’re ready to celebrate with pie and turkey. Let us know how you’re planning to celebrate the holiday, too!

Beat the Hustle: Book Your Cabin Rental for 2021

November is typically a month of holiday hustle and bustle! A lot of moms and family-circus managers out there are crossing off the days until the micro-managing and frantically planning schedules. As if that weren’t enough, 2020 gave us a brand-new Coronavirus—and who could have seen that coming? Now it’s time to reclaim joy and fill your life with a few precious memories. We invite you to check out our cabin rental packages to plan your family’s vacation for 2021.

Your vacation in 2021 doesn’t have to be over-the-top complicated, and it can be the social distancer’s dream. After all this time, we know that the social distancing theme can seem a bit tiresome—but, for better or for worse, we also know it’s the new norm. Luckily, we’ve found ourselves to be pretty great at pivoting during some of the most challenging times.

A Clean & Safe COVID-Conscious Vacation

Let us take care of your vacation with top-notch service, a thorough sanitization of all our properties, and a socially distanced experience that truly lets your family get back to normal for a weekend of carefree family connection. We’ve all spent so long cooped up together, that a change of scenery feels life changing. And, with all the fresh air you could ask for, ‘cooped up’ will no longer be a thought in your mind.

cozy Colorado cabin living area
Zeb’s Cabin, Cascade, CO image by Cascade Escapes

Family Owned & Operated Cabin Rentals

We have to mention that Cascade Escapes is family-owned and operated. We are a property management company in Colorado with over twenty years of experience. 2020 decided to throw us a few curveballs, but our game is still strong. We offer a fully sanitized, personalized cabin getaway experience that comes with a variety of included amenities as well as customizable add-ons to ensure your vacation is stress-free fun.

After all—Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we know filling our homes with family might feel a little strange or uncertain this year. No matter what kind of celebration you plan, Happy Thanksgiving from us! Because Thanksgiving is all about fitting in as much gratitude and family as we can muster—oh, and don’t forget the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado!

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in Colorado and all across the country. This is a holiday that has evolved and grown right along with our nation, and we’re glad to be holding the tradition near and dear this year. We celebrate our friends and family and all the blessings of 2020, because there’s always something out there to be thankful for.

As we look ahead to 2021, we’re excited for the possibilities that a new year has to offer. We are holding onto joyful moments and are determined to see more memories made in 2021. It fills us with so much joy to be the place that so many loyal cabin campers return to year after year, season after season, for their vacations, and the memories that come with them. Are you ready for the adventure of a weekend in the woods?

Consider Cabin Life for Vacation 2021

Are you excited to take in the mountain air and commit to a weekend without calendars, just cabin life? Booking a cabin rental for 2021 is one click away and we can’t wait to show you why we are a unique and perfect choice for a Colorado vacation.

Life will always be something—it will be big, it will be busy, it will move fast, and, more than anything else, it will take you by surprise. That’s one of the many reasons that the team here at Cascade Escapes love to be able to offer you a quiet haven to reminisce in the mountains. We take pride in being the place for tall trees and bare knees running through the woods. And we like to think our little cabins are places for keeping time and space free from the hustle and bustle that we’ve all grown so familiar with in this uncertain, uncharted territory that is 2020.

To all our friends and family, near and far, we invite you to mention the code ThankfulTurkey in an email to –we have something special we’d like to offer you when you book your custom cabin getaway package!



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